MoDOT Statewide

MoDOT’s Statewide Intelligent Transportation System Efforts

Across the state of Missouri, motorists need traffic information during their travels too. Beyond the St. Louis Gateway Guide system, MoDOT monitors traffic on interstates and major freeways across the state with sensors and cameras and provides information on dynamic message signs.

The statewide system currently includes 66 message signs to provide traffic information and help reduce congestion on heavily traveled sections of highway including Interstates 44 and 70. Besides helping motorists avoid delays and get to their destination safely with timely traffic information, these signs will also feature Amber Alert messages, which are helpful in recovering missing children.

In total, the current rural ITS system across Missouri includes the following roads:

  • I-29 - 5 cameras, 4 message signs

  • I-35 - 2 cameras, 2 message signs

  • I-44 - 27 cameras, 28 message signs

  • I-55 - 8 cameras, 6 message signs

  • I-57 - 1 cameras, 1 message signs

  • I-70 - 22 cameras, 20 message signs

  • US 60 - 4 cameras, 5 message signs

  • Statewide Non-Urban Total: 69 cameras and 66 message signs

Similar to the St. Louis Gateway Guide system, the statewide information is focused on providing cross state travelers with the following messages:
  • Advanced notice of scheduled work zones

  • Amber Alert messages- information about child abductions

  • Emergency information- evacuations or state, military or local law enforcement closures

  • Hazardous or uncommon road conditions

  • Travel times, alternate routes in the event of a delay, congestion

  • Other public information that requires motorists to alter their travel plans

In the Kansas City area, MoDOT/KDOT’s ITS program is called KCScout. More information on the program is available at

In addition, MoDOT has a joint partnership with the City of Springfield for a traffic program in the southwestern portion of the state including Springfield and Branson. This program is called Ozark Traffic is available at